Online - English
15th - 30th April, 2021

Management 3.0 Extended Fundamentals Online Workshop

For years we have seen certain teams lack passion, have little energy and individual members pulling in different directions. There are people who want to improve and learn new skills but they can’t, are not allowed to or aren’t given the opportunity.

Almost everyday we see teams who need permission from their boss to make small changes while at the same time their boss has a deep desire that they show more initiative.

However, not all teams are like this. Some are different. They have a different atmosphere. People want to work on those teams.

Would you like to work with such a team where people come to work energized and ready to take on everything that comes their way?

Management 3.0 provides the tools and practices, based on solid theoretical foundations, to allow you to help grow structures and align constraints. It’ll help you energize and empower the teams; give space to individual team members and the team as a whole to develop new competencies and finally, to improve everything.

Remote work is here to stay and this online course will also cover some aspects of remote management as this is a complete new scenario for all of us. We like to walk our talk and that's one of the reasons to do the training itself remote.

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The first session we will explore the concepts of Agile Management and Complexity Thinking.

On the following sessions, we will start looking at the different views of the model, in particular we will look at how to Energize People, how to Empower Teams and Remote management.

On the last sessions, we will spend most of our time going through the rest of the model covering how to Align Constraints, Develop Competence, Grow Structure and finally Improve Everything.

Depending on the attendance, we might vary the agenda or cover some topics more in depth.


We believe that practice and teaching others is the most effective way of learning and our trainings are designed based on that. Therefore every training is a new experience for all of us.

Workshops are in Spanish or English depending on the attendance, all materials and handouts are in English.

Maximum capacity: 12 (Up to 3 working for the same company).

Total sessions: 6 (2 sessions per week)

Total hours: 18 (3 hours per day).

We normally do trainings in Spanish but if you are interested in full English workshops, please contact us to get information about the next occurrence.


The course is designed with the following outcomes in mind:

People using management tools & practices and explaining management from different perspective

People sharing experiences and discussing management styles, and sharing ideas on team creation and maintaining healthy teams

You will also get the Management 3.0 Accreditation (Fundamentals Online Workshop certificate), a shipping with a set of Moving Motivators cards, a set of Delegation Poker cards

You might get extra outcome in a form of Kudos from other participants to thank you for your contribution ;)

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Daniel Terrin
Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator
Steven Wallace
Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator

Past events

Some good memories from previous events

Here you could get a taste about how the training looks like, the dynamics, games, exercises and the environment you will find there.

If you are interested in some specific details, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you with the info asap!

Different backgrounds and sectors

In every course we have attendees from very different background and sectors. The resulting experience and learnings are much richer when sharing stories in such diverse environment.

Maybe some of the companies our attendees work for might be familiar to you...

Who is behind this training?

Drive To Improve

Steven Wallace

Dani Terrín

I became fascinated with management and how to become a better manager after being thrusted into that role many years ago. I was severely underprepared and I had to learn quickly. I began to really enjoy helping a group of people to work together as a team, a real team, and produce so much more than the sum of their individual contributions.

My move into a management role also coincided with my parents’ disengagement and dismay at their jobs. From close up I saw what bad management practices could do to people, even with the best intentions and I want to help others discover alternative ways to management than our society has taught us and promotes. These “different” management styles can achieve great results for the companies and importantly, for the people who work there.

I have always been a people person and enjoyed creative activities like drawing or playing music, that explains why choosing IT as a professional career back in the 90s, was a practical decision for me, but one I will never regret.

After spending enough time writing code reasonably well and started looking into management roles I was thrown into Agile in 2010. That took me over completely, I had found the “common sense way” of working in IT. Since then I haven’t stopped using that “common sense" to learn, grow, help and lead in technical and non-technical areas.

Now my goal is helping people, teams and organizations find this “common sense" by sharing what I have learnt and accompany them, while I keep learning and improving along the way.


Management 3.0 Extended Fundamentals Online Workshop

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625 € + VAT

  • 6 sessions of 3h

  • Management 3.0 Accreditation

  • Moving Motivators cards (shipped to you)

  • Delegation Poker cards (shipped to you)

  • Perhaps some Kudos from other participants to thank you for your contribution ;)


775 € + VAT

  • 6 sessions of 3h

  • Management 3.0 Accreditation

  • Moving Motivators cards (shipped to you)

  • Delegation Poker cards (shipped to you)

  • Perhaps some Kudos from other participants to thank you for your contribution ;)

After course payment

930 € + VAT

  • 6 sessions of 3h

  • Management 3.0 Accreditation

  • Moving Motivators cards (shipped to you)

  • Delegation Poker cards (shipped to you)

  • Perhaps some Kudos from other participants to thank you for your contribution ;)